Project Management : A Common-Sense Guide to the PMBOK Program, Part Two–Plan and Execution
Author(s) Marion, James W.
Publication year 2019
Material typee-Book

This book clarifies the differences between plans and schedules, takes the project manager through the process of plan development, and finally, points the way toward successful project execution. Although the terms “plan” and “schedule” are at times used interchangeably, they are in fact very different. A complete project plan contains a project schedule—but it also includes much more than that (e.g., risk management, quality management, human resource management, and procurement). These differences have implications for the layman as well as the experienced project manager and have implications for successful project management practice. Additionally, the contents of the project plan have evolved over time as versions of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) were updated. Due to this, project plans today include important elements that were not included in project planning in the context of earlier versions of the PMBOK and the execution of the project plan requires guidance beyond that which is outlined in the PMBOK framework. The PMBOK emphasizes planning and monitoring and controlling—but very little support is provided for project executing. This begs the question, just what does it mean to execute a project plan?

Keyword(s)Project management

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