How to Think Strategically : Sharpen Your Mind. Develop Your Competency. Contribute to Success.
Author(s) Greg Githens
Publication year 2019
Material typee-Book

How to Think Strategically is the ideal primer for those who want to develop their mental acumen and make strategic impact. This book will help you understand what it means to “be strategic” and how to craft strategy that is effective, powerful, and clever. A competent strategic thinker tolerates ambiguity, notices weak signals, defines the core challenge facing the organization, and designs effective responses with a winning strategic logic. How to Think Strategically provides numerous real-world examples of individual strategic thinkers in action describing how they constructed a winning strategic logic. Through these examples, you'll learn useful lessons that can be applied in any organization and in your personal life. This book will show you how to: Internalize the 20 microskills of strategic thinking Develop your personal brand as a competent strategic thinker Pose high-quality questions that spark strategic insights Write a concise one-page statement strategy, with five essential concepts that will help you distinguish effective strategy from a list of goals Design strategy that is clever and powerful Recognize and mitigate blind spots and decision traps Distinguish strategic thinking from operational thinking and appropriately apply each Overcome the excuse of “I'm too busy to be strategic'Recognize and exploit the four X-factors of strategic thinking: Drive, Insight, Chance, and Emergence Practice extra-ordinary leadership to confront issues and leap into an unknown future Improve conversations with other strategists The author brings a unique perspective that reflects years of experience as a corporate manager, educator, strategy consultant, facilitator, executive leadership coach, and board member. He writes with an engaging style that unpacks the broader concepts into easy-to-remember nuggets. Anyone can improve their strategic thinking if they know where to focus their attention. This book will be an indispensable guide for anyone interested in developing their personal brand.

Keyword(s)Success, Strategic planning

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