Teaching the History of Psychology.
Author(s) Green, Christopher D.
Publication year 2021
Publication name Canadian Psychology
Material typeAcademic journal

Teaching the History of Psychology can be challenging, mainly because many students find the material to be boring or "irrelevant." The way to make the course more interesting and "relevant" is to connect its content with an array of historical figures and events that are already in students' networks of knowledge. This poses a problem, though, because today's students often know little general history compared to students in the past. So, it falls to the History of Psychology instructor to provide that wider perspective. Examples of this are provided, especially that of Wilhelm Wundt's career in the context of German unification, and the British use of standardized testing in the effort to gain women admission to higher education. Questions of choosing a textbook and the inclusion of primary source documents (both published and unpublished) are discussed as well.

Keyword(s)HISTORY of psychology, TEACHING, PRACTICAL politics, STUDENTS, MASTERS programs (Higher education)
Author affiliation(s)
1Department of Psychology, York University

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