Weight-loss Salvation : How Real People Lose Weight and Keep It off
Author(s) McRobert, Stuart; Cailor, Bradley
Publication year 2010
Material typee-Book

WEIGHT-LOSS SALVATION reveals what Brad learned from 30 years of experimenting with diet plans and pills, and from 25 years of researching weight-loss. His research included interviewing hundreds of successful, real-life dieters, and learning what worked for them. Brad then applied what he had learned, shed 114 pounds of fat over one continuous stretch, and kept it all off. He then collaborated with Stuart McRobert the author of several books on exercise and health that are renowned for their sincerity, practicality, and trustworthiness. Together, Cailor and McRobert have written an extraordinary book on weight-loss. You may want to lose just a few pounds, or perhaps you want to lose over 100 pounds. Once you apply this book s guidance you ll shed weight readily just like Brad and his hundreds of real-life dieters did. For everyone who wants to lose weight regardless of age or gender the guidance in this inspirational book is complete, clear, practical, and effective. And it s comfortable and enjoyable to apply, and thus sustainable over the long-term to produce the required weight-loss and then keep it off.

Keyword(s)Weight loss, Nutrition

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